& Evolution of Financial Investments

Conventional financial markets have evolved from centralized investment banking to DeFi protocols on blockchains. This revolutionary process has shifted investors' interest to decentralized investments with no centralized third party. Most blockchain financial applications had to compromise decentralization for security, which made create new decentralized protocols, such as VISP, where digital assets are fully collateralized on the blockchain.

Smart contracts act as legos to create DeFi protocols, which are built and interacted manually. As the blockchain industry evolves, more sophisticated protocol communication is expected, which would make AI a necessity in managing multiple interlinked DeFi protocols. With generative AI like Block-AI, automation of smart contract interactions would result in effective protocol management.

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VGT Tokenomics Governance Token (VGT) is the building block for decentralized management of Ecosystem. DeFi protocols that are part of ecosystem are governed and operated by VGT. VGT is part of the Governor Bravo protocol used for V-swap management. would continue to increase the utility of VGT and therefore it would also be part of the BSK token - the first BEP20 index on VISP protocol.

Your Image Governance Token (VGT)PercentageNumber of Tokens Governance Token (VGT)
Number of Tokens
200M Governance Token (VGT)
Core Contributors
Number of Tokens
120M Governance Token (VGT)
Founders, Team and Advisors
Number of Tokens
210M Governance Token (VGT)
Strategic Reserves
Number of Tokens
40M Governance Token (VGT)
Number of Tokens
65M Governance Token (VGT)
Ecosystem Development and Rewards
Number of Tokens
315M Governance Token (VGT)
Community Treasury
Number of Tokens
50M Governance Token (VGT)
Number of Tokens


Maximize your profits by staking would have several different staking pools available once all fund-raising stages have been completed

To increase the APY users would be able to lock tokens for longer periods

Staking would be carried out through Smart Contract and while staked, VGT tokens cannot be traded, sold or used in any way

Tokens can be staked and reclaimed by users in their decentralised wallets compatible with BEP-20 tokens

New 3rd Party launchpad projects included in the ecosystem through IFO (Initial Franchise Offering) would also be added to the staking pools and only be available to VGT holders for participation

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Burning of VGT Tokens

The long term goal of is to reduce the total supply and make a deflationary token economy. This would be done by creating revenue stream from different projects of ecosystem, buying back tokens from the market and burning them.

A Periodic and permanent removal of VGT token from the ecosystem would be announced in detail at a later stage.

Baby Tiger by


This is a series of digital art NFTs designed by, consisting of 8888 unique images of Baby Tigers. Each Baby Tiger is seen wearing unique VGT attire and accessories, creating digital collectibles that would appeal to a larger audience and promote VGT at a wider scale.

These baby tigers live together peacefully, in their metaverse jungle. This NFT series is ready for display at OpenSea and would be available for sale at a later stage.


Baby Tiger NFTs are eco-system memberships. As the eco-system grows, these NFTs would give hodlers access to different privileges that would include new 3rd party launchpad token airdrops, access to networking groups, membership for various facilities, and long-term discounts on products and services.

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Our Mission, Vision & Values

The core fundamentals of revolve round who we are, what we aim to provide to investors, and how we seek to provide it.




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