Digital Assets and Applications

Why Build with

Fully Decentralized Index and Strategy Protocol (VISP)

  • provides a fully decentralized index and strategy protocol, empowering developers to create blockchain collateralized digital assets.
  • VISP facilitates the development of decentralized asset management solutions, fostering innovation in the dynamic digital asset industry.

Concentrated Liquidity DEX (VingtSwap V3)

  • VingtSwap V3, a third-generation automated market maker (AMM) decentralized exchange (DEX), employs concentrated liquidity for efficient token swapping on Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) based blockchains.
  • Developers can enhance liquidity provision, improve trading efficiency, and contribute to the liquidity ecosystem within the DeFi space using VingtSwap V3.

Smart Contract Automation Protocol (SCAP)

  • SCAP streamlines transaction execution services through automated smart contract transactions.
  • Developers benefit from automated smart contract execution, reducing transaction complexity, and enhancing overall decentralized application (DApp) efficiency.

AI Framework (Block-AI)

  •'s AI framework, Block-AI, forms the backbone of the DeFi ecosystem, utilizing supervised and reinforced machine learning techniques for ecosystem management.
  • Developers can leverage advanced AI capabilities to optimize decision-making processes, automate tasks, and improve overall ecosystem management.

Ecosystem Resources (V Labs and V Cube)

  • V Labs serves as an incubator and accelerator for third-party AI-based DeFi projects, providing resources and support for innovative ideas.
  • V Cube offers non-custodial wallet services, facilitating decentralized asset management for users and developers alike.

Mission, Vision, and Values Alignment

  • Building with aligns with the mission of empowering digital asset participants through AI-driven DeFi solutions. Developers share the vision of advancing financial empowerment by merging AI and DeFi for optimal asset management.
  • This alignment is reinforced by's core values—clarity, dynamism, perseverance, innovation, and ownership. Developers join a community that values innovation, resilience, and a proactive mindset, fostering an environment for success.