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Financial products common to credit and equity markets are missing in the crypto space. For example, there is no product equivalent to global market indices such as Itraxx and S&P500. will include cryptocurrency indices like the products available in conventional financial markets. The first project under this category is the ‘BSK’ – Basket token that serves as a macro representation of the crypto market in the form of a basket of 20 tokens while acting as a hedge to market fluctuations.


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The possession and holding of a wide range of digital assets in one place, is a major problem in the cryptocurrency industry. Multiple wallets are available in the market today, but their security and reliability have led to many investors to lose money. Investors want the convenience of easy access to their assets with safe transactions and peace of mind. is creating wallets that would revolutionize the ability of online cryptocurrency holding and make the unnecessary hardware wallets redundant.


VINGT service icon plans on launching its first NFT series - S1 - B and S1 - E. S1 - B is the first NFT series on Binance smart chain launched as a BEP-721 token. It consists of a series of 20 unique priority cards, each with its own set of perks and rewards. that provide special privileges to its holder depending on which card they are holding. For instance, a platinum card would give investors more privileges than a basic or standard card in terms of rewards, such as a higher percentage of token pay-out whenever a new ICO is launched on launchpad, higher voting rights on projects along with the ability to liquidate to a pre-determined number of VGT tokens. S1 - E is the first NFT series on Polygon Network as an ERC-721 token. This is a series of digital art designed by, consisting of 8888 unique images of Baby Tiger. In this series Baby Tiger is seen wearing different attires and accessories, creating digital collectibles that would appeal to a larger audience and promote VGT at a wider scale.

Custodial Services

VINGT service icon is providing custodial services for holding crypto assets for investors. Cryptocurrency investors have a problem holding crypto assets on a long-term basis because of different blockchains, unsafe hardware wallets and other crypto management lapses. is providing a comprehensive solution as a third-party custodian of digital assets. To avail this service, investors would hold VGT governance token of ecosystem within their ‘assets under custody’.


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Token launchpad (TLP) is the 4th Project within the ecosystem. The cryptocurrency market is growing exponentially but the avenues available for blockchain developers are limited. Great blockchain ideas are unable to materialise because of limited resources and no direct access to the market. Initial offering solutions available in the crypto market today, operate within a limited capacity. is providing a launchpad for new tokens with innovative use cases, having the potential to create an impact in the crypto space. Unlike other launchpads which are only limited to exchange listings, would provide complete assistance for developers to form a unique blockchain product, suitable for market adoption. These new third-party projects would increase the utility of VGT governance token and become part of the ecosystem.

Stable Coins

VINGT service icon ecosystem will create its stable coin to give stability to the ecosystem pegged with 1USD. Due of the varied range of projects, a stable coin is necessary to provide easy transactions without price fluctuations. This stable coin would be complementing the VGT governance token for stable transactions.


VINGT service icon aims to create bespoke wrappers to cater to the ever-changing needs of the market, allowing for cross-chain bespoke assets based on client needs. These wrappers will each reflect a bespoke trading strategy, allowing investors to enter a complex strategy through the purchase of a simple token and take advantage of the lucrative flows of complex products through a single token.

Real Estate

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The Workplace (TWP) is a blockchain-based virtual office space allowing users to create, build, buy and sell digital assets in the form of real estate. By combining the powers of decentralized ecosystem, virtual reality and the technology of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), The Workplace creates a decentralized platform for virtual social interactions.

The Workplace platform’s main mission is to introduce blockchain technology in mainstream commercial workspace successfully and be part of the metaverse though a combination of VR and NFTs. The Workplace (TWP) consists of multiple ‘Units’ which includes offices, meeting rooms and auditoriums, each having its own uniqueness. Each unit has its own specification within its infrastructure, such as varying environments and human capacity. These units can be sold or rented out in the crypto space for private and commercial activities using blockchain technology in an encrypted environment. Vingt (VGT) token of the ecosystem would act as the local currency of TWP having multiple use cases such as increasing the human capacity within a unit, modifications in the virtual environment or collecting rent.